Satellite Images Show QLD Floodwaters Flowing Into Lake Eyre

Apr 11, 2019


An amazing satellite timelapse has captured the journey of outback QLD floodwaters flowing into SA’s Lake Eyre.


The Australian newspaper previously reported the head of the flood had broken into the “lake bed proper” on 16 March.

According to the paper at that time:

The vast South Australian catchment of Goyder Lagoon is brimming, turning the desert green with lush new life, and yesterday the head of the flood broke into the lake bed proper, advancing at walking pace across the pearly expanse.

The water is thick with sediment and for now it’s confined to Warburton Groove, the shallow channel that runs the length of the great saltpan, sparkling under an unyielding sun. The flood will fan out when it hits distant Bell Bay, but at this pedestrian rate that won’t happen until next week...

Bush pilot Trevor Wright, who captured these images from high above the lake, says it shapes as the biggest flood since Queensland’s 2011 summer of sorrow…

Mr Wright is betting that this flood will more than half fill the lake, which is no mean feat. “It’s actually a huge flood, there’s a ton of water coming down,” he said. “The whole of Goyder’s is flooded and it’s pushing out into the Kelly-Cooper,” an overflow creek that rarely runs. “The (cattle) ­stations around here have basically won Lotto.”