Power Has Gone Out Around SA As Strong Winds Lash The State

Sep 19, 2019


About 1,500 people on Yorke Peninsula are without power as gale-force winds make their way across SA towards Adelaide.

Paul Roberts from SA Power Networks has told FIVEaa’s Alan Hickey:

“The main impact in terms of power supply at the moment is on Yorke Peninsula. The bottom of Yorke Peninsula is mainly ok, there is an outage around Stansbury affecting about 500 people, and further north there’s about 700 people around Maitland and about 300 around Kadina and another one around Arthurton…

“So about 1,500 people of the 3,000 people without power at the moment. They’re all related to wind.

“We’ve had gusts of 80km around Kadina, 70km around Minlaton… those winds are likely to come narrowly across Adelaide and the hills and down to the south east later on.”