Poll Shows Basically Everyone Is Furious About Paying Cassie’s Legal Bill

Nov 3, 2017


A Sunrise Facebook poll has revealed a whopping majority of respondents resent seeing taxpayer funds used to pay ‘Cocaine’ Cassie Sainsbury’s legal fees.

The bill totalled about $100,000 after Cassie pleaded guilty to smuggling 6kgs of cocaine in Colombia.

83 per cent said they were ‘angry’ public money was spent, while 17 per cent weren’t.

Earlier, Sky News anchor Chris Kenny blasted the payment.

“Her legal fees totalling about $100,000 have been paid by you and me. A young Australian has travelled overseas, has confessed to smuggling 6kgs of cocaine, has got herself into trouble… and you and I pay for it.

“That’s not good enough. That can’t be right.

“We shouldn’t be picking up the legal bills for self-confessed drug smugglers.”