People Are Loving The Adelaide Man Who Chased A Home Invader With A Didgeridoo

Jun 3, 2019


A Fulham Gardens man is the toast of the town after he chased away a home invader with a didgeridoo in nothing but his underwear.

Kym Abrook has told reporters he discovered and then chased an intruder out of his home when heard creaking floorboards at about 4am on Monday morning.

Mr Abrook told 7 News:

"I was gaining on him, and knew he wasn't going far so got the boys to cordon off the area.

"Me out there in all my glory -- I did notice I run faster naked.

"I came back to get my didgeridoo and torch…

"I was gonna play a couple of quick tunes. I come from a (large) family... We know how to look after ourselves."

He also happily re-enacted the chase for TV cameras:

According to SAPOL: A “32-year-old Fulham Gardens man was charged with aggravated serious criminal trespass and theft. He was bailed to appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on 6 August.”