Penbo: Adelaide, We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are!

Dec 7, 2018


David Penberthy has called on a “hard core of locals” to reverse their mistaken belief that “living in Adelaide is some kind of unbearable and bleak existence”.

“SA does a great job running itself down,” Penbo has written for The Advertiser.

“We have a handy checklist of failed projects and infrastructure debacles we use to bolster the argument.

“We will reference everything from the MFP to the loss of the Grand Prix to the former Le Cornu site, the one-way Expressway and the non right-hand-turning tram to argue that we have some kind of monopoly on policy folly and government indecision.

“I can think of plenty of examples in Sydney alone of planning and infrastructure cock-ups that would match or eclipse these…

“The brain drain of young talented people to the eastern states is also held up as a sign of our apparent inferiority.

“While there are times when I think we as a city -- through that older, stuffier generation of people in politics and local government -- will help drive the young away by opposing new ideas, the brain drain from medium-sized cities is a global phenomenon.

“If you asked the parents in Nimes what concerns them about life in their small city, they would probably lament the fact that so many of their kids move north to Paris for jobs that offer greater pay, greater challenges and greater seniority.

“Whether it’s Mumbai or Mexico City, Jakarta or Chicago, the drift of young go-getters to the bigger population centres has forever been thus.

“Those of us who find themselves in the negative nelly camp should listen to the likes of [Indian cricket broadcaster] Harsha Bhogle, who have lived enough to know that us Adelaideans really don’t know how lucky we truly are.”