Pauline Hanson Has A Pretty Radical New ‘Work For The Dole’ Idea

Jan 9, 2019


QLD senator Pauline Hanson has suggested welfare recipients could help destroy cane toads as part of collection plan to curb the invasive species.

Ms Hanson has written to PM Scott Morrison asking him to support the scheme:

“When rabbits plagued our nation, a sizeable reward was posted for the biological control of the species,” she wrote.

“Other invasive species such as European carp have been eradicated from waterways using biological measures and I believe it is time our federal parliament takes a swift, bipartisan approach into the eradication of this pest species.

“I would also encourage you to introduce a three-month bounty over summer months to help reduce the breeding numbers.

“A 10 cent reward for the collection of each cane toad… would encourage most Australians living with the pest to take an active role in reducing their numbers until a biological measure is developed.”