Passenger Talks About The Moment 35 People Were Hurt During Turbulence

Jul 12, 2019


A passenger on the Air Canada flight that made an emergency landing in Hawaii has spoken on FIVEaa about the “mayhem” on board when the flight hit turbulence on the way to Sydney:

“It was all of a sudden -- the plane just dropped seemingly out of the air. I was one of the unfortunate ones that didn’t have a seatbelt on at the time. I’d just come back fro the toilet…

“I hit the roof and came down and landed on the seat. I had some nerve damage and some spinal x-rays. I’ve been given the all clear but there were some ladies were thrown up into the cargo bins above and one lady got three stitches. Another lady got concussed.

“There were nine people taken to hospital. It was pretty scary. You think you’re invincible this day and age flying around in planes… but it happened in an instant and it was mayhem on board. The Air Canada staff handled it exceptionally well.”