One Of The Best Meteor Showers Of The Year Will Be Visible In Adelaide Next Week

Aug 9, 2019


High numbers of meteors will be visible when the Perseids meteor shower peaks early next week.

According to NASA, the absolute best viewing time will be between 2am and dawn on Tuesday and Wednesday, but meteors will still be visible -- in lower numbers -- any time after dark:


If it’s not cloudy, pick an observing spot away from bright lights, lay on your back, and look up! You don’t need any special equipment to view the Perseids – just your eyes.  (Note that telescopes or binoculars are not recommended.) Meteors can generally be seen all over the sky so don’t worry about looking in any particular direction.

Pro tip:  Remember to let your eyes become adjusted to the dark (it takes about 30 minutes) – you’ll see more meteors that way. Try to stay off of your phone too, as looking at devices with bright screens will negatively affect your night vision and hence reduce the number of meteors you see!