Olivia Newton-John Has Put Out A Statement After She Was Caught Up In An Online Scam

Jan 11, 2019


A statement has been released on the official Olivia Newton-John Facebook page warning fans not to fall for a scam where fake Olivia accounts trick fans into supposedly donating money to Olivia’s cancer centre.

According to Newton-John’s publicist Michael Caprio, the scam has cheated some fans out of “thousands of dollars”:


“There are a few people out there impersonating Olivia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and directly reaching out to fans and asking them for money and or donations for the ONJ Cancer Wellness & Research Centre. If you get a message from anyone saying they are Olivia - this is a scam! Olivia does not direct message anyone on her social media pages so, beware. We have found out that some fans have been scammed out of thousands of dollars by people saying they are Olivia (with FAKE accounts). We are in the process of getting these fake accounts shut down but, wanted to let you all know now to avoid others being scammed.”