New Video Shows Team Sky Breaking Road Rules Before SAPOL Pulled Them Over

Jan 11, 2018


Video has been posted online showing Team Sky’s road ride that ended with the professional cyclists being pulled over by SA Police.


YouTuber WalrusRider says he initially wasn’t going to publish the video, but decided he should after a picture of the team with police was widely shared.

“I thought I better put this video up because I was there on the ride that morning, so you can see exactly what happened,” he says.

In the video the pro cyclists can be seen doing an illegal right turn and ignoring a pedestrian crossing before police pull them over.

“The police were very good,” WalrusRider says in the clip.

“They saw there were some issues and they pointed them out to the pro guys -- hopefully word will get around the pro guys there’s a difference between pro riding and obeying the letter of the law.

“The police were very good about it all… they were doing their job.”

Earlier in the week police confirmed members of Team Sky had been pulled over and verbally educated.