Much-Loved Danny Frawley Was “Struggling To Cope” In Months Before His Death

Sep 10, 2019


AFL great Danny Frawley was struggling with money problems and a failing marriage in the months before his death in a car crash on Monday.

According to

In recent months and weeks, Frawley’s poor mental health became acute…

In quiet moments, he told those he trusted that he was struggling to cope, his marriage was failing and his finances were shot, the result of a big investment gone bad. His problems were well known to his family.

Frawley had previously spoken openly about the toll the Essendon doping scandal took on his health when he was boss of the AFL Coaches Association.

He told the Herald Sun:

“The most frightening thing happened when I was at the MCG one afternoon.

“I was sitting in the car park, behind the wheel. I had no idea where to go, or what to do. I just thought (depression) was like a broken arm.

“It took me three or four years to come out. I am well aware when I do too much now what a lack of sleep does to you.

“Basically it turns you insane. Through those Richmond years I never lost a wink of sleep. Not a wink. Back in the day I was a stoic farm boy. Seven generations from Ireland, potato farmers. If you have got an issue, grab a tissue. If you have an ailment work it off. If you have a big one on the squirt, get up an hour earlier and work it off. That was in your DNA.

“Manning up in the past was to suffer in silence. Manning up now is to put your hand up. I have got no problem talking about mental health and what I went through because I hope I help a lot of people in that.”

Frawley died when his car hit a tree on a road near Ballarat on Monday afternoon. Victoria Police have removed his death from the state’s road toll.

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