Minister Reveals How The Child Sex Offender Register Would Work

Jan 9, 2019


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says his proposed national register of convicted paedophiles would allow parents to search by postcode to identify local offenders.

“It will identify people by their name,” Mr Dutton told FIVEaa on Wednesday. “There will be a photograph, there’ll be detail about the conviction and there will be not an address but a postcode of where the person is living so you’ll be able to search by postcode to see who is living at any time in your community.

“And that’s as it should be. People want to know the information.

“We have a problem with sex offenders within some communities… We’ll consult with the states -- it can only happen if the states and territories sign up, if they can provide the information and then the commonwealth will manage the national database.

“It will mean if people are moving across borders or into different communities people can be aware -- they can have that information at their fingertips.

“Parents have a right to know whether or not somebody who’s involved with caring for their children is a person of good character of not. Parents want to make sure their kids are safe and the government wants to help them do that.”

“I think common sense prevails here. We’ve got a sensible, middle of the road approach. We’re not putting peoples addresses out but we are putting kids ahead of paedophiles and I don’t see the argument against that.”