Matthew Flinders’ Remains Have Been Found After 170 Years!

Jan 25, 2019


The remains of British Explorer Matthew Flinders have been found during an archaeological dig at a London train station.

Flinders is famous for popularising the name ‘Australia’ and being the first explorer to circumnavigate the country.

He was buried 205 years ago in a cemetery that later became a public park behind Euston station.

His remains were identified when archaeologists working on London’s $100 billion HS2 rail project discovered the captain’s buried breastplate.

According to project chief Helen Wass:

"It was really a needle in a haystack kind of thing. I have been telling everybody the chances of finding him were remote. But we found him."

"I was rather hoping that there would be a ship or an anchor -- something that linked him to his nautical endeavours.

"But it's just so exciting to see that here and to know that this was his grave."

According to, the exact location of Flinders’ remains has been a mystery for more than 170 years.