Massive Development In SA’s Prisons

Jul 10, 2019


Prisons around South Australia are in lockdown indefinitely as guards take action over benchmarking and privatisation.

Nev Kitchin from the Public Service Association told FIVEaa Breakfast on Wednesday:

“It’s happening at the moment. Across the state prisoners will not be unlocked, they will remain in their cells. Our members will ensure that those that need to go to court will go to court. Prisoner of course will be fed. Those requiring medical attention -- that will be done. But apart from that they will not be unlocked.

“This all comes back to the issue of benchmarking and privatisation. What’s happened at Mobilong last week was that members were stood down and lost pay for a period of time. The same thing happened at Port Lincoln prison yesterday… It’s about the government’s attempt to try and determine the numbers of staff within each prison and based on secret formulas from interstate…”