Listen To Don Dunstan Officially Launch FIVEaa -- 42 Years Ago Today!

Mar 14, 2018


Happy Birthday!

Thursday 14 March marked 42 years to the day since FIVEaa (then 5AA) was officially launched by Don Dunstan in 1976…

So we’ve dug through the archives and found audio of the official opening recorded in 1976.

In the clip, Dunstan welcomes the handing out of the first new commercial radio license in Adelaide since 1930.

“Individuals, employee organisations, public companies, private companies and professional people have all bought shares,” Mr Dunstan says. “It’s encouraging that union groups have joined in this venture because employee groups should take a greater social and financial interest in the organisation of society.”

“5AA offers great potential for community involvement and this emphasises not only the role of radio as a public service, but also the responsibilities of commercial organisations to make sure facilities are available to the people.

“I’m pleased to declare 5AA open.”