Leak REVEALS The Latest On Adelaide Crows City HQ

Apr 10, 2019


Adelaide City Council has confidentially agreed to progress a push from the Adelaide Crows to establish a new club headquarters at the current site of the Aquatic Centre.

According to The Advertiser:

At a meeting on Tuesday night, Cr Mary Couros revealed the council had secretly agreed to advance to the second stage of the Adelaide Football Club’s $60 million proposal, later blaming being new to the council for her error.

A council official at the meeting quickly warned the chamber some information was being considered in confidence.

Stage two looks at whether the proposal is legally, technically and financially feasible, as well as how it would deliver the best outcome for council.

“I am new to the council so I am still trying to work out this process,” Cr Couros said.

The information was leaked while the council debated Robert Simms’ push to consult residents and businesses in North Adelaide about the bid.