How The New Tourism Ad SHOULD Have Looked: Penbo

Sep 6, 2019


SA Tourism’s teary ‘Old Mate’ ad for the state is a “missed opportunity”, says FIVEaa Breakfast’s David Penberthy.

Penbo has written for The Advertiser:

If we are going to promote our state, we don’t need this kind of sheepishness that plays to our insecurities. We need to be brash, even arrogant, about how genuinely bloody awesome SA is…

The ease and classiness of life here should underpin all of our marketing. Not just for tourists, but for investors and potential future residents.

Adelaide is far and away the most democratic of the mainland capitals…

For many years, SA has meekly swallowed its anger as our eastern states chums jokingly ask about how many of our relatives we’ve got stored in barrels in our back shed and so forth.

Let them laugh, I say, because having spent half a lifetime there, I know where I would rather be… We should be louder and prouder than we are.