Here’s Jane Reilly’s Easter Weekend Weather Forecast For SA

Apr 16, 2019


FIVEaa’s Jane Reilly has done the leg work and come up with the Easter weekend weather forecast for wherever you might be travelling around the state...


Port Lincoln

Fri 29 Sunny

Sat 28 Shower or two

Sun 20 Showers

Mon 21 Partly cloudy



Fri 27 Sunny

Sat 30 Possible shower

Sun 20 Shower or two

Mon 21 Possible shower



Fri 26 Sunny

Sat 28 Sunny/cloud

Sun 19 Shower or two

Mon 20 Partly cloudy


Victor Harbor

Fri 28 Sunny

Sat 30 Sunny

Sunday 20 Shower or two

Mon 21 Possible shower



Fri 23 Sunny

Sat 26 Sunny/cloud

Sun 20 Showers

Mon 20 Shower or two



Fri 30 Sunny

Sat 33 Sunny

Sun 25 Possible shower


Flinders Ranges

Fri 31 Sunny

Sat 31 Sunny/cloud

Sun 20 Showers


And in the city: