Hakeem al-Araibi Makes An Emotional Speech After Arriving Back In Australia

Feb 12, 2019


Australian-based refugee and soccer player Hakeem al-Araibi has made an emotional address after landing in Australia following 11 weeks in a Thailand prison.

al-Araibi said on Tuesday:

“I would like to say thanks to Australia. It’s amazing to see all of the people here and all of the Australian people and all of the media who supported me. And I just wanted to thank the Australian Government … I want to thank this man (Craig Foster) and his fight for my case … I would like to thank him very much.

“I will be more strong for my country. I will be strong here, just for Australia. And Australia, this is my country. I don’t have citizenship yet, but my country is Australia. I will die in Australia and I love Australia. Thank you very much.”

al-Araibi was detained while on holiday in Thailand based on an ‘Interpol red notice’ relating to vandalism charges held against him in Bahrain. Bahrain has now dropped the charges.