Former Senator Comes Clean On Canberra’s “Rooting” Culture

Feb 13, 2018


Ex-senator Sam Dastyari has lifted the lid on a seedy side of political life in Australia’s capital.

“The reality is, the amount of rooting that goes on in a place like Canberra… In terms of unhealthy workplaces, it’s one of the most unhealthy workplaces in the country,” Dastyari told KIIS radio in Sydney.

“You’ve got 4000 people in this building called Parliament, which is mostly just journos, staffers, politicians, living in this strange world of kind of alcohol and late nights and sitting and everyone is telling each other how important they are all the time... all of it fuels this really weird environment.”

Asked by the hosts if there was a lot of sleeping aroundin Canberra, Mr Dastyari said: “Of course.”

Dastyari’s interview followed an explosive series of tweets in which he claimed everyone -- “And I mean EVERYONE in Federal Parliament knew about Vicki and Barnaby. Anyone who claims they didn’t know Is either bullshitting or so out of touch they shouldn’t be in Parliament”.