Eyewitness Reports Are Coming In On The Christchurch Shooting

Mar 15, 2019


3:15pm: Four people are now in custody -- three men and one woman.


UPDATE, 2.52pm: Dozens of people are feared dead after gunmen opened fire on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

According to the New Zealand Herald, up to 27 people are dead and there are three crime scenes, including two mosques in central Christchurch

A third shooting scene and car bomb, which did not explode, were reported on Strickland St.


- Gunman opened fire at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch

- Up to 27 may be dead and up to 50 injured

- Unconfirmed reports the shooter is ‘Australian’ and may have live-streamed the attack

- Bangladesh cricket team were at the mosque and escaped


Six people have reportedly been taken to Christchurch Hospital after a gunman opened fire at a local mosque, with an unconfirmed report at least one person is dead.

According to News Ltd:

- An eyewitness told Stuff NZ he had seen at least four people lying on the ground and “blood everywhere”…

- [He] also said he had seen three seriously injured people lying on the steps of the mosque.

- There are reports that about six people have been taken into Christchurch Hospital, two with serious injuries.

- Another eyewitness claims he saw a man wearing a “helmet and glasses and a military style jacket” enter the mosque and open fire.

- It’s understood around 300 people were inside for afternoon prayers when the shooting happened.

The NZ Herald reports at least one person is dead.