Ex-Girlfriend’s Shock Claim About Nick Xenophon

Nov 3, 2017


UPDATE, 12.05pm -- Nick Xenophon rejects accusations in statement.

“I absolutely reject and am most distressed by any suggestion my relationship with Jenny was abusive or predatory in any way, manipulative or controlling. I deeply regret that we couldn’t make the relationship work,” Mr Xenophon’s statement said in part.


A former staffer says Nick Xenophon “aggressively” pursued her and the pair then carried on a “secret” seven-year romance before it was ended by Mr Xenophon.

The Advertiser reports Jenny Low made the comments -- including claims Mr Xenophon was “manipulative and controlling” -- while announcing her run for the state upper house as part of the newly formed Advance SA party.

“I was very young when the relationship began,” she said on Friday.

“It is not normal to be in a seven year relationship with somebody and for his family not to know. It is not normal to have your existence denied to everyone you meet except a handful of trusted people.

“There are many more details I could go into but I prefer not to.

“I don’t want to get into those elements, because it will serve no purpose other than to smear his name and I don’t want to do that.”