Dozens Of UK Schools Have Banned Skirts In Gender Neutral Push

Jul 2, 2018


At least 40 secondary schools in England have banned skirts -- and more are considering similar action -- as part of a switch to gender-neutral uniforms that cater for transgender pupils.

According to The Sun, many schools have adopted a trousers-only policy for all students -- but not everyone is happy.

A petition has been created to protest a decision at Philips High School to ban skirts for all students by 2019.

“It is believed that skirts are being banned because the school has concern over the length of pupils' skirts,” according to the petition. “It is grossly inappropriate for staff members to sexualize and police the bodies of children in their care.”

“There is nothing offensive about a child's knee and lower thigh. If any teacher believes seeing a child's leg is in any way 'too sexual' they should be sacked immediately for gross misconduct.”