David Penberthy Says Most Politicians He Knows Are Hard Working Family People

Feb 14, 2018


Following revelations about deputy PM Barnaby Joyce’s private life and an ex-senator’s explosive comments about the culture in Canberra, David Penberthy asks Christopher Pyne and Anthony Albanese what’s really going on in the nation’s capital.

“Can I ask you, Albo, you’re a married bloke with a child -- Chris, you’re obviously married, you’ve got kids as well. I’m married to a politician -- we’ve got kids together…

“Barnaby said this is one of those trials all politicians will face. Sam Dastyari to use his words described federal parliament as ‘root fest’... what planet are these guys on?

“Are you worried about the collective defamation this is doing, this perception that federal parliament is the last days of Rome, because it’s not my experience of the overwhelming majority of people that I know be they Labor, Liberal, Green or Independent.”