Could Alexander Downer Come Back To Lead The SA Liberals?

Feb 5, 2018


Former Foreign Minister could be the “saviour” of the state Liberal party.

According to Advertiser columnist Rex Jory, Alexander Downer is being mentioned in “low whispers” as a potential leader of the state Libs should the party lose the upcoming election.

“There would be a real danger that the party would implode in a nasty factional civil war,” Jory writes.

“Enter Mr Downer. He is undoubtedly the best-known Liberal Party figure in South Australia. He is respected as Australia’s longest-serving Foreign Minister, former federal Opposition Leader and High Commissioner in London.

“He is highly regarded in SA, national and international business circles and has a network of political contacts around the world…

“At a personal level Mr Downer’s grandfather Sir John Downer was a former state premier, and Alexander Downer would like to extend the family’s political dynasty.”