Comedian Apologises To Journalist Over Inappropriate On Air Comment

Jun 1, 2018


Aussie funnyman Lawrence Mooney has said sorry to Channel 7’s Sam Lane over an off comment made during a pre-game footy broadcast last weekend.

“Nobody loved a double entendre more than I do,” Mooney said on The Kick, before roping an unsuspecting Lane in on the conversation... “Now you might be interested in this.”

“There have been 14 Cox to actually play the game, 15 Cox. That’s a bunch of Cox, more than a handful.

“And there have been Cox of all different shapes and sizes. Lance Cox ...... was one of the tiniest Cox to play the game...

“And now I cross to you, Sam Lane, for the Cox report,” he said. Then this: “Because you love the Cox.”

Lane has told the Herald Sun the comment went too far.

“Lawrence has acknowledged that he overstepped the mark and I agree with that,” Lane said.

“The way the topic was thrown to me live on the night was definitely a surprise, but intuitively I thought the best thing to do was get to a newsy question of the day which was whether Mason Cox was going to be suspended or not.

“He told me that if he had his time over, he wouldn’t have thrown to me in that way again. It was live TV, there’s no take-two.”

Mooney has apologised for the error.

“The pre-planned and produced double entendre segment went one double entendre too far,” he said.

“I never intended to offend anyone -- in particular my mate Sam.”

WATCH: The offending segment has been reproduced here.