Aussie Cricketers Bagged By Quit Group Over Ciggie Photos

Jan 11, 2018


Images | Dimex via

Shaun Marsh and Jackson Bird have been criticised by health professionals after pictures of them smoking cigarettes emerged.

The pair were celebrating Australia’s Ashes series win with teammates in Sydney when the pics were snapped.

Quit Victoria’s Dr Sarah White said it sent a bad message to young fans:

“It is really poor judgment and really poor role modelling for them to be doing this in public,” she said.

“Cricket in Australian presents itself as family friendly but this is at direct odds with that given that smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death and disease in Australia.

“I would expect better judgment. It goes against their elite sports modelling and their healthy behaviour on the field.

The AMA’s Dr Michael Gannon also weighed in.

“One answer is that they are private citizens but the truth is they are role models at an elite level that are looked up to by boys and girls and men and women across Australia and they expect a certain level of behaviour,” he said.

“They take part in something that is very positive and very healthy and it is disappointing that they are doing something like this.”