Adelaide Woman Makes New Accusation About Craig McLachlan

Jan 11, 2018


A woman says she was left shaking after an encounter with Craig McLachlan at an Adelaide tanning salon in 2004.

The woman has told Fairfax/ABC:

“He walked around the reception desk to where I was sitting, he grabbed my face in both hands and passionately kissed me, tongue included.

“It was just such a bizarre situation… no encouragement from my end.

“I was shaking for the rest of the day, I felt uncomfortable, flustered and confused about what had happened.

“For him to feel that’s appropriate behaviour to someone he’s only met 20 minutes ago... it certainly shows that his behaviour towards the other women that have come out, that it’s not about the role he was playing, it’s not about that he was just taking his character a little bit too far.” she said.

McLachlan was stood down from his role in the Adelaide run of Rocky Horror shows following accusations of sexual misconduct made against him by multiple people.