This Adelaide “Party House” Has Locals Up In Arms

Mar 14, 2019


Burnside residents have lodged a petition with the local council against a short-term rental property that has been used for hen’s shows and even a Penthouse magazine shoot.

14 neighbours have signed the petition against the ‘Hollywood Tree House’, which is advertised on Facebook, as well as Stayz and Airbnb.

Local dad James Parton has told The Messenger his family has “repeatedly and consistently had our right to live in a peaceful and residential neighbourhood compromised” by “loud music and profane language”, as well as overcrowded car parking.

“My own mental health is being impacted by this ongoing barrage,” Mr Parton said.

“I have had to confront guests… urinating in my front garden.

“It is clear (the owner) is running the property as a commercial enterprise at the expense of her neighbours and the right to a peaceful existence.”