Adelaide Mum’s Warning After Sunscreen Gave Her Baby A Burn

Jan 12, 2018


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North Haven mum Emma Lipson has warned other parents after her six-month-old baby suffered a chemical burn after wearing Banana Boat baby sunscreen.

Emma posted photos online of the damage done to her daughter’s face, saying a doctor had told her it was a chemical burn.

“So many parents have contacted me that they’ve had burns from using the sunscreen,” she later told The Advertiser.

“It seems like such a widespread thing yet nothing was done about it.

“I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

Emma shared with the paper an email she received from Edgewell Personal Care regarding the sunscreen:

“Although rare, it is not unexpected to see a small number of users find products unsuitable for their personal use,” the spokeswoman wrote.

“Chemical burns are sometimes mistakenly linked to personal care products or are confused with sunburns most commonly caused by a photosensitivity or skin reaction.

“The most common symptom of photosensitivity is an exaggerated skin rash or sunburn. In more severe cases, blistering may develop.”