Adelaide’s Is Getting An Early Taste Of Winter Today

Feb 12, 2019


A cold front has swept across part of SA overnight bringing windy and wet conditions with it.

According to The Advertiser:

“A top of just 20C is forecast in the city today, much cooler than the searing temperatures experienced in January.

“Thanks to a cold front that swept across South Australia overnight, there has also been some wet and wild conditions.

“Although only a spatter of rain has been recorded at West Tce since 9am on Monday, there is certainly a lot of moisture in the air this morning.

“At 6am, Adelaide's West Tce station showed a 79% level of relative humidity, dropping to 69% by 7.40am.”

And the BOM’s Simon Timke told the paper:

"It has been fairly windy overnight, and I think that will continue for most of the day.

"There's almost a wintry feel to it today."