A Popular Aussie Game Show Has Been Canned

May 8, 2018


Grant Denyer confirms Family Feud has been cancelled.

“It’s been a huge success for Ten,” Denyer said on Sydney radio on Tuesday. “It has re-invigorated that 6pm slot for Channel Ten.”

“We have probably given it a bit too much -- 6 episodes a week, twice a day and All-Star edition. That lemon has been juiced.

“In total we have done 1,200 episodes... I have said, ‘survey says,’ 30,000 times.

“I think it came along at a time when I wanted a fresh new challenge.

“One of the reasons why they’re resting it is they want me to do some big new projects and they can’t do both.

“I have heard what those programmes are and they are big, and they are bright, and they are shiny, and they are new and exciting.”