Jane Reilly Shares Her Top Fringe Festival Picks For 2019

Feb 25, 2019


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The Fringe is here for another year and all the fun that means… but what to see? Jane Reilly has picked out her five must-sees from this year’s program to give you some inspiration.

1. “For me the Grand Central on Angas is a ‘must go to’ destination during the Fringe Festival… they have a great line up of shows featuring my favourite music of the 60's, 70's and early 80's.”

2. “My partner and I are really looking forward to seeing the Boys in the Band… Jukebox Revolution... I hope they don't mind if I sing along… or even get up and dance!!”

3. “Also on our list is Rumours... a tribute to Fleetwood Mac... now that's a show which will bring back some memories.”

4. “And Upstairs at the Historian Hotel I might sneak in for a look at 2 Cats on a Hot Fringe Roof..."

“I hear there is some footage of me from the Channel 10 Earlybirds days, which I might be red faced about!! That naughty Fat Cat has been at it again!”

5. “And after a night of shows, a visit to Gluttony to refuel with some great food and wine would wrap up a top night out.”