FIVEaa Off Air Legend Celebrates Massive Milestone With The Station

Aug 5, 2019


FIVEaa is celebrating program producer Tammii Caught after she notched up 25 years with FIVEaa.

Tammii started with FIVEaa in July 1994 and the first program she worked on at FIVEaa was the Psychic Saturday night show. When Tammii started at FIVEaa, the on-air line up featured announcer such as Bazz & Pilko, Ken Dicken & Sonya Feldhoff, Ken Cunningham & David Hookes as well as the legendary Bob Francis.

Today Tammii is Leon Byner’s Morning Show Executive Producer … a role she has held for the past 20 years and some of her most memorable radio days have been when world events such as 9/11 and the death of Princess Diana and the opportunity radio gave listeners to voice their passion, opinions and emotions.

“Radio is a fantastic medium to work in and I’m grateful to Nova Entertainment for the opportunity to cover news, help people and try to make a difference everyday”, says Tammii.

FIVEaa Station Manager, Craig Munn says:

“As someone who was working here at FIVEaa when Tammii commenced with the station in July 1994, it has both been a pleasure to work with Tammii as a colleague and to also see her develop into an exceptional program producer. Tammii has been an essential and significant contributor to the great success of the station throughout the past 25 years”.