David Campbell’s Hometown SHOUT OUT Following Big Time Honour

Jun 11, 2019


Acclaimed performed David Campbell says he has “a lot to be grateful to Adelaide for” after he was included in the Queen’s Birthday honour list.

He has told FIVEaa’s Leith Forrest:

“It’s a tremendous thrill and it only occurred because one day somebody from the Festival Centre said, ‘Maybe David and Lisa Campbell could run the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.’ And that really got us into the arts and setup how Lisa and I wanted to help others and produce shows…”

“Really I have a lot to be grateful for Adelaide for this award and this honour.”

David also sent a special call out to his former pals from his Northfield High school days…

“There’s a 50th anniversary reunion this October. I can’t go but it’s at the Bridgeway Hotel. I can’t go because I do weekends now on Weekend Today, so I can’t make it…

“Shout out to all those people going to the 50th anniversary at the Bridgeway Hotel -- have one for me!”