World’s Top Cruises 6-10

Nov 7, 2017



6. Asia

There are many cruises on offer that showcase some of Asia’s most exciting cities and breathtaking natural wonders, making exploring the area’s countries and cultures effortless. Sail from Australia to the region or pick up a cruise from Hong Kong or Singapore.

The introduction of Mekong River cruising has seen a surge in the popularity of Asian cruising. With charming, laid-back landscapes of rice paddies spattered with coconut trees, sleepy little villages and excited locals on the riverbanks ready with a smile and a wave.

A sensational addition to Asia’s cruise market is in Burma on a riverboat down the Irrawaddy River. Revel in the country’s golden temple spires emerging through the mist, Buddhist pagodas and gentle river waters meandering past local villages and dense jungle.

7. Hawaii

With the strength of the Australian dollar remaining at an all-time high, it’s a fantastic time to take a cruise around Hawaiian waters - a cost effective and efficient way to visit Hawaii’s stunning islands. Explore active volcanoes and magnificent lava flows, pristine rain forests sprinkled with cascading waterfalls, perfumed tropical gardens, learn to surf, scuba dive or shop up a storm in one of many outlet malls.

For those that enjoy ship time, cruising from Sydney to Honolulu offers travellers the opportunity to enjoy many sea days on their way to the gorgeous destination.

8. Theme Cruises

If you’re looking to travel with like-minded people, the themed cruise offers travellers with a niche interest or hobby a unique holiday opportunity. Popular cruises out of Australian waters include Cruisin’ Country for the country music fans and Rock the Boat or Cruise ‘n’ Groove for fans of rock and roll. This year also sees a cruise for lovers of the performing arts - Bravo.

Other options include comedy cruises, golf-themed speciality cruises and food and wine cruises. This year Norway’s Hurtigruten even introduced a 2-night whisky-themed voyage where you can sample various whiskies that have matured at sea.

Cruise ships are enjoying more celebrations on-board as groups of family and friends take to the water to celebrate milestone birthdays, Hen’s and Buck’s weekends and even weddings.

9. Baltic and Norwegian Fjords

Visiting a smorgasbord of Scandinavian cities such as Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Copenhagen, a cruise in the Baltic Sea is a relaxing and relatively cheap way to explore this picturesque part of the world. With cobbled streets, copper spires, spectacular gardens and streets lined with bohemian shops and galleries, this region is where medieval meets modern.

Witness breath-taking beauty as you sail inside Norway’s colossal, steep-cliffed fjord system. A highlight is an excursion on the Flam Railway which climbs from sea level to 2,800 feet. Pass through dramatic landscapes, across turquoise coloured rivers with a backdrop of spectacular green mountains and cascading waterfalls – an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

10. Panama Canal

At the heart of the Americas, the 82km long Panama Canal joins the Atlantic to the Pacific, creating one of the world’s greatest shortcuts. For the 14,000 ships that queue for the passage annually, it takes an average of nine hours to meander down the narrow canal. Taking approximately 10-years to build, it cut over 7,800 miles off the sea journey from New York to San Francisco. Die-hard cruisers from around the world embark on journeys that take in this stretch, just so they can witness this feat in engineering for themselves.