World’s Top Cruises 1-5

Nov 8, 2017



1. Antarctica

At the southernmost point of our planet lies the world’s driest, coldest and windiest continent – Antarctica. Uninhabited except for scientific research stations, this huge continent abounds with unique and natural untouched scenery. Dramatic mountains, glaciers and icebergs act as a backdrop to the lives of the wildlife that has adapted to living there.

With cruises operating during the summer months of October to March, where days see up to 20 hours of light, an astounding abundance of life occupies the headlands and beaches. Witness penguins, seals and a huge variety of bird species with whale watching a special bonus.

Dedicated to the experience, Antarctica cruises are expedition ships that do not offer the extras found on modern cruise ships. They feature experts in the region that lead shore excursions and give fascinating lectures.

2. The Mediterranean

A perennial favourite, particularly for those travelling to Europe for the first time, Med cruising is also an enjoyable way for the seasoned traveller to revisit their favourite European spots. Breezing in and out of cities on a daily basis is part of the charm of this cruise that incorporates Spain, France, Italy and Greece. The introduction of ports in Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey have proved to be popular additions.

Overflowing with stunning scenery, rich culture, amazing food, awe-inspiring art, ancient ruins and architecture, cruising the Mediterranean showcases the very best ports of call and then some. Enjoy days exploring the Acropolis in Athens, wandering the Uffizi in Florence and bargaining your way through a shopping frenzy in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar before returning to your floating hotel where you can enjoy the on-board shows and facilities.

3. Australia, South Pacific and New Zealand

A popular, close-to-home option for Australians from all walks of life, there are now more ships and itineraries to choose from than ever before. With ports near the majority of Australian capital cities, getting on a ship from your home port has never been as accessible. The South Pacific has long been a favourite with its turquoise tropical waters, white sand beaches and abundant snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Around Australia, shorter trips from city to city are available meaning a long weekend spent cruising is now a real possibility. New Zealand is perfect for a cruising holiday with its beautiful Fiordland National Park - truly the best way to experience the breathtaking landscapes of this spectacular area.

4. Alaska

Sail quietly past glaciers, fjords and jagged snow-capped peaks, stopping at postcard perfect ports along the way in one of the world’s truly great frontiers. From the deck of the ship enjoy spectacular scenery with glacier carving, magnificent wildlife, tumbling waterfalls and island-dotted sounds, as you cruise through Alaska’s famed Inside Passage. Shore excursions are equally unforgettable where you can experience a thrilling dog-sled ride, whale watching, kayaking, fishing, rafting or enjoy an exciting seaplane flight over the icefields. Combine the cruise with a land tour of Canada and you’ll delight in a thorough and breathtaking encounter of this unique and spectacular wilderness.

5. South America

Cruising in South America offers delectable delights of great contrast. Discover legendary cities, steamy jungles teeming with wildlife, fauna-rich islands, mesmerising beats and ancient ruins and sites. Cruise from Santiago, journeying south along the Chilean coast and around Ushuaia – the world’s most southerly city. From there you can explore the breathtaking scenery of Tierra del Fuego and the spectacular Patagonia Region with its raw, primitive and natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world.

Take an expedition cruise to Galapagos Island – one of the few places left in the world where man’s footprint has been kept to an absolute minimum. Mostly devoid of vegetation, witness its inhabitants such as sea lions, iguanas and green sea turtles, go about their daily life like a strange utopian community.