Ten Amazing European Experiences

Nov 9, 2017



With literally countless incredible experiences to be had on a holiday in Europe, it would be impossible to list them all. Here we’ve complied a selection of ten amazing experiences that capture the true magic of a European holiday.

See the Northern Lights

These mysterious swirls of coloured light appear in the night sky at certain times of year. Found in countries close to the North Pole, the Northern Lights are one of the world’s most spectacular phenomenon.

Ski in Europe

Europe’s ski resorts are among the most beautiful in the world. With soft, powdery snow, stunning alpine scenery, charming ski villages, exhilarating ski runs and a lively nightlife.

European River Cruise

A tranquil and luxurious way to experience Europe, a European River Cruise is like holidaying in a moving hotel, calling in at popular cities, charming towns and quaint villages along the way.

Hot air balloon over Cappadocia

Be mesmerised by the spectacular and surreal landscapes of Turkey’s Cappadocia, as your gently drift above fairy chimneys, over vineyards and through valleys. The changing colours of the diverse landscape will leave you breathless.

Attend a concert or opera in Vienna

The historic birthplace of Classical Music, some of the world’s most beloved composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Strauss and Schubert found their origins and inspiration in Austria. In Vienna, you will find goose-bump inducing Classical Concerts and Opera performances all over the city, at any time of year.

Go Greek Island hopping

Home to some of the oldest European civilisations, the stunning Greek Islands offer a diverse range of unique archaeological sites, spectacular beaches, mouth-watering cuisine and fascinating local traditions.

Take a scenic Norwegian Rail and Fjord Cruise

One of the most scenic rail journeys in the world, The Flåm Railway climbs up steep mountains, through wild nature and past breathtaking waterfalls. From Flåm, take a fjord cruise to further experience the wondrous beauty of this region.

Ride a Gondola in Venice

There is nothing more romantic than gliding through the tranquil waters of Venice’s mazelike canals, being serenaded by your gondolier as you admire the beauty of the city’s baroque architecture – appearing to rise up magically out of the water.

Sample the local cuisine

Goulash in Hungary, beer and chocolates in Belgium, pork knuckle in Germany, truffles in France and gelato in Italy - there’s nothing quite like the culinary delights of the country you’re visiting and in Europe, the food is sure to make your experience all the more enriching.

Stay in a palace or castle

All over Europe, there are majestic castles and luxurious palaces that you can not only explore during the day, but live in like Royalty overnight. Sleep like a king in Ireland’s Ashford Castle or pamper your inner princess at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace in Switzerland, where you’ll awake from your slumber to views of Lake Geneva and the picturesque Alps.