Jon Blake on FIVEaa - 7-8pm weekdays.

Straight after SportsDay SA, Jon “Blakey” Blake hits the air with his own unique show... and FIVEaa’s lawyers get nervous.

Blakey is best known for his acerbic wit and spot-on impersonations of Adelaide identities ranging from former politicians, celebrities, rock stars and his own radio colleagues, including FIVEaa’s Leon Byner and Jeremy Cordeaux just to mention a few.

No one is safe. Everyone is fair game. That’s the way it is with Blakey live.

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ON AIR weekdays, 3-4pm.

Sporting legend. Seasoned Broadcaster. SA icon. That’s Cornesy.

FIVEaa presents a special series called ‘Conversations with Cornesy’ with Graham Cornes. Discover the stories behind some of Adelaide’s biggest sporting identities, musicians and politicians as Cornesy’s unique style. FIVEaa’s Conversations with Cornesy are unguarded, authentic and utterly captivating.

Michael Keelan and Leith Forrest host weekends on FIVEaa, Saturday 6am-9am and Sunday 6am-10am.

Adelaide’s favourite Weekend Breakfast show is Michael Keelan with Leith Forrest. Lifestyle is important to weekend listeners and Michael & Leith cover the topics our weekenders are passionate about. They have more free time and a greater disposable income. They love to travel, eat well and invest time in their hobbies. Both Michael & Leith are passionate about ‘down time’ and ensure Adelaide gets the most out of their weekends.