Rowey and Bicks

This week's full FIVEaa AFL broadcast schedule

Stephen ‘Rowey’ Rowe and Mark Bickley together present the FIVEaa drive sports show from 3 to 6pm weekdays, with regular guests including Caroline Wilson, Leigh Matthews, Mark Robinson and Graham Cornes.

Listen every night for your chance to win with our Mystery Voice. Check the Mystery Voice page for previous guesses and cryptic clues.

The Latest

North Melbourne coach says Crows deserve to keep gun.

“Have we shared that story on air?”

Lions of the early 00s always targeted a few select players.

Josh Jenkins | FIVEaa

There is now nothing stopping Jake Lever from re-signing, says Josh Jenkins.

Graham Cornes takes a hardline on Tomas Bugg’s online taunt.

Graham Cornes

Darren Burgess’ midseason defection will create some opportunities for the club.

Crows offe a glimpse of “total team football” in big Showdown XL win | FIVEaa

Mitch McGovern and Jake Lever are keen to stay at the Crows.

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