Rowey and Bicks

This week's full FIVEaa AFL broadcast schedule

Rowey and Bicks, Weekdays 3-6pm

The fan and the expert. That’s what you get with FIVEaa’s Sports Show. Rowey & Bicks head up the show each weekday from 3pm, dissecting the sporting issues of the day and talking passionately to their hardcore listeners and expert guests including Caroline Wilson, Mark Robinson and Graham Cornes. Rowey & Bicks also strive for the big exclusives too, securing interviews with the big names in AFL and other sporting codes, as well as international heroes from sports around the world. While they don’t always see eye to eye, Rowey & Bicks will always ‘play the ball, not the man’.

Listen every night for your chance to win with our Mystery Voice. Check the Mystery Voice page for previous guesses and cryptic clues.

The Latest

Opener, Darren Chandler, Michael Voss, Graham Cornes, Paul Seedsman

Opener, Aaron Greaves, Mark Williams, Mark Robinson, Richard Douglas

“No one wants to come out and say it”

Opener, Johan Absalonsen, Jack Hombsch, Patrick Dangerfield, Caroline Wilson, Where Are They Now with Jared Crouch

Opener, Michelangelo Rucci, Leigh Matthews, Hamish Hartlett, John Longmire

“I’ve done a fair bit of running”

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