David and Will

David Penberthy and Will Goodings host breakfast on FIVEaa, weekdays 6am – 9am.

Relevant, engaging, connected. That’s FIVEaa’s Breakfast show. David Penberthy & Will Goodings focus on the issues that affect and matter to the people of South Australia. They understand what makes Adelaide tick. They don’t do it alone either. Across the week, David & Will are joined by show regulars, Drive Sports show host ‘Rowey’, Channel Nine sports journalist Tom Rehn, along with Crows champion, Eddie Betts and Power star, Ollie Wines.

The Latest

Opening, Meat Tray Calls, Five hour wait at RAH - Brendon, Phil Coorey - Federal Politics, Blakey - Premier Jay, Jane Reilly, Breaking at 8, Stephen Kenny - Cassie Sainsbury, Behind Closed Doors - Brad Aldridge & Andrew Reimer and Matt Preston - Masterchef.

Opening, Richard Arnold, Matthew Pantelis – Burst water main, Ray Hadley – NRL State of Origin, Around the Courts – Sean Fewster, Blakey – Policy, Breaking at 8, Brian Nankivell – Former Onkaparinga Councillor, Richard Arnold – Florida shooting update and Behind Closed Doors – Rilka

Opening, Valentine’s Day Chat, Andrew Neighbour – Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures, Michael Atkinson – Graffitti at Train Station, Josh Harkness – Hallet Cove seaside tidal pool, State Rounds – Mike Smithson, Blakey – Barnaby Joyce, Breaking at 8/Leon Bignell, Two Tribes and Behind Closed Doors – David & Will.

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