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is it Time for medicinal marijuana?

Yesterday, New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, suggested that the state may allow the terminally ill to legally use cannabis. So is it time for SA to follow suit and legalise medicinal marijuana? Will Goodings was joined by Greens MLC, Tammy Franks and Jo Baxter, Executive Director of Drug Free Australia.

Julian Burton Burns Trust spreading hope in Adelaide

After being involved in a house fire in Cairns in 2000, Carol suffered burns to 80% of her body. This was followed by 9 months in the burns unit and more than 100 operations, and a great internal struggle of accepting her new situation. 14 years later Carol is an ambassador for the Julian Burton Burns Trust and is in town for a forum this weekend. Will Goodings spoke to Carol about her journey thus far as well as Julian Burton about the work of the burns trust.

Families SA workers plea for help

Families SA workers have told FIVEaa they're understaffed as radical change is flagged in response to child abuse.

Voters anxious over post-budget future

Voters are more concerned about how future generations will cope than their own hip pocket, a post-budget study reveals. Ipsos Social Research Institute says those surveyed felt the budget was promoting a less even and caring society, with children to bear the brunt of changes to higher education, health and welfare. Research Director Laura Demasi joined Leon Byner to explain the results.


'I think its a good appointment'

The best news breaker in the business gives her view on Trigg/Hird/Gill/Eddie

Kane Cornes to play on in 2015

Kane Cornes joined Rowey and Bone live in the studio after announcing today he'll play at least one more season at PAFC.

Leigh Matthews on week 1 of rd18

Leigh Matthews joins Rowey and Bone every Wednesday night throughout the 2014 season. Big forwards are back / motivation to play finals / AFL fans survey / Dean Cox / Kane Cornes

Steven Trigg - Off To Cartlon

Steven Trigg joined Rowey and Bone. At the Crows nearly two decades including more than 12 years in the top job - Carlton next.


Want the best Mushroom Tarts?

See the Mushroom, Thyme and Olive tart recipe here!

Rose Of The Month - Altissimo

This beautiful climbing rose, Altissimo is July's Rose of the Month

Kid dances on Miami Marlins Fan Cam

CHECK THIS OUT: Kid goes crazy dancing when he's caught on the Miami Marlins fan cam.

Want The Perfect Roast Pork?

Fast Ed's 7 Steps for the most perfect roast pork