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Can the Freeway be fixed?

Leon Byner spoke to UniSA transport expert Derek Scrafton and political commentator John Hepworth on what can be done to make the South Eastern Freeway safer - and possible alternatives for freight - following yesterday's horrific accident.

SA Farewells great Governor

SA Governor of seven years Kevin Scarce leaves the job next week - the Breakfast team look back on his time.

One Dead, Three Critical after horror crash

A horror crash at the bottom of the South Eastern Freeway has left one man dead, three people critically injured and a host of question as to how to prevent similar tragedies.

School Serves Students Subway

A Northern Suburbs school is selling Subway in its canteen.


Cornes on Sando's heat comments

Graham Cornes joins Rowey and Bone every Friday throughout the 2014 season. Sando's heat comments / How do Port improve? / Essendon v ASADA / Adelaide Oval review

Eddie Betts joined Rowey & Bone

Eddie Betts joined Rowey and Bone ahead of the Crows clash with Richmond.

Back from Glasgow with Bronze

SA's own - Jess Trengove joined Rowey and Bone - back from Glasgow with Bronze.

Caro on the MCG & AFL Battle

Caroline Wilson joins Rowey and Bone every Thursday night throughout the 2014 season. Bombers, Paul Little / Trigg / Judd / Battle between the MCG and the AFL over soccer...


Rossi would like to say thanks to the people of SA

Rossi would like to say thanks to the people of SA for getting behind them, when the Federal Government inexplicably gave a contract to supply boots to our military personnel… to an overseas manufacturer!

Adelaide Crows: Virgin Australia Film Festival

It’s the year 2025 and some of the Adelaide Crows have made some interesting career choices.

Tasty Pumpkin Sage & Chilli Risotto Recipe

Pumpkin Sage & Chilli Risotto

Want The Perfect Roast Pork?

Fast Ed's 7 Steps for the most perfect roast pork