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Freeway speed limits dropped

Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo joins Breakfast.

OH&S changes threaten work experience

Schools across Adelaide are cancelling their work experience programs in response to Occupational Health and Safety changes, which force an educational body - including universities - to inspect all students' work placement sites. Many providers argue the new laws are too strict a demand, and that it's easier just to cancel work experience outright. Adelaide MP Rachel Sanderson and Prescott Securities chief economist Darryl Gobbett joined Leon.

Islamic State brutally murder American journalist

Islamic State terrorists have beheaded a captured American journalist in the Middle East.

Can the Freeway be fixed?

Leon Byner spoke to UniSA transport expert Derek Scrafton and political commentator John Hepworth on what can be done to make the South Eastern Freeway safer - and possible alternatives for freight - following yesterday's horrific accident.


Brad Scott ahead of Adelaide Clash

Brodie Smith joined Rowey and Bone following the Crows loss to the Kangas.

Cam Mooney following Round 22

Cam Mooney joined Rowey and Bone following Round 22. Who will get 8th spot? / Were the Cats foxing or are the Hawks too good? / Brownlow / All Aust squad / slap and sledge

Robbie Gray following Port's win over the Blues

The man of the moment - Robbie Gray - following Port's massive win over the Blues.

Dangerfield; Finals unlikely

Adelaide now rely on other results going their way if they're to pinch a spot in the finals.


Rossi would like to say thanks to the people of SA

Rossi would like to say thanks to the people of SA for getting behind them, when the Federal Government inexplicably gave a contract to supply boots to our military personnel… to an overseas manufacturer!

Adelaide Crows: Virgin Australia Film Festival

It’s the year 2025 and some of the Adelaide Crows have made some interesting career choices.

The Best Tuna Insalata Recipe!

Enjoy the recipe here!

Want The Perfect Roast Pork?

Fast Ed's 7 Steps for the most perfect roast pork