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Alan Hickey | FIVEaa

Alan Hickey hosts evenings on FIVEaa, weeknights 8pm - 12am. Every week he is joined by his regular guests: Dr Rock - Mark Carroll, The Language Doctor – Dr Neil James and Gerald Quigley.

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Early South Aussie settler and explorer John Ainsworth Horrocks holds an unwelcome record.

Todd McKenney visits Alan Hickey in the FIVEaa studio.

We’ve all been there -- belting out a favourite song, only to discover you’re singing the wrong lyrics.

Award-winning UK comedian Alan Carr joined Alan to share a few tales from his career.

Stefanie Jones and Oscar Bridges join Alan in the studio.

Simon Johnson from the MFS says heaters cause many house fires this time of year.

Simon Johnson from the MFS with tips on looking after your appliances around the house.

Julie Bagnall, the grandmother of Olympic Gold medallist Kyle Chalmers, joins Alan Hickey.

Keith Conlon | FIVEaa

Mr. South Australia, Keith Conlon, caught up with Alan Hickey on FIVEaa.

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