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Michael Keelan and Leith Forrest host weekends on FIVEaa, Saturday 6am-9am and Sunday 6am-10am.

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Adelaide parklands

Michael Keelan and Leith Forrest review some highlights in the current SA Life.

10 achievable health changes you can do to kickstart your New Year and feel better!​

Don Burke says Australia has a “sad” lack of entrepreneurs who can grasp the future.

Tiffany Murray started her home presentation business after she had trouble selling her own house.

Mark Aiston is keen to organise something special for his final day. Maybe a cake or something…

Fiona from Haigh's joins Keelan's Weekend with some delicious Haigh's Festive Florentines.

Fiona shares the delicious Haigh's Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Mousse recipe.

Hay fever season has started early -- but there’s some things sufferers can do.

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