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Jeremy Cordeaux, FIVEaa

Jeremy Cordeaux hosts afternoons on FIVEaa, weekdays 12pm – 4pm.

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Dr Lynn Simpson says she was stood down by the Federal Government after presenting evidence of cruelty.

Jeremy Cordeaux speaks with the Dutch Waltz King.

Harry Shearer and Jeremy Cordeaux | FIVEaa

Harry Shearer dropped into to see Jeremy Cordeaux ahead of his Adelaide Cabaret Show.

Janine Allis dropped in to chat to Jeremy Cordeaux.

Jeremy spoke to Barb Jungr ahead of her performances at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Jeremy Cordeaux spoke to hoarding expert Dr Randy O. Frost.

Jeremy Cordeaux speaks with Kelly Webb via Maribyrnong Detention Centre in Victoria.

Jeremy spoke to the artist Ken Done about his autobiography, A Life Coloured in.

Director Scott Hicks spoke to Jeremy Cordeaux about his new documentary 'Highly Strung'.

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