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Ollie Wines says most AFL club's love beating Richmond.

Ollie Wines, Port Adelaide | FIVEaa

Oscar Bridges from 'The Sound of Music' knocks an impromptu version of ‘Do-Re-Mi’ out of the park.

Chris Pyne lets slip on FIVEaa breakfast with a hilarious social media blooper.

President of a local footy club accused of having a drug culture comes out swinging.

Derryn Hinch has been attacked as “dangerous” over his intention to name and shame convicted paedophiles.

A mouth-watering analysis of the McDonald’s Big Mac on FIVEaa breakfast.

David and Will’s jaws were on the floor after Iceland knocked England out of Euro 2016.

“Card-carry fraud” Oscar Pistorius in 60 Minutes interview.

Malcolm Turnbull | FIVEaa

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has mocked Labor’s economic plan.

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