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Partner of a man killed in a road crash shocked at the culprit’s sentence.

Meat Tray Friday calls - Michael O’Connell - Melbourne Cup call and winner response - Jane speaks to the CFS.

Barry Gibb tells David and Will the sad but beautiful story about ‘End of the Rainbow’.

Barry Gibb - the Barry Gibb ‘high note’ comp - Business Council's Jennifer Westacott - Court talk with Sean Fewster.

David Penberthy and Will Goodings | FIVEaa

Former SA public servant Lindsay Bassani was one of the first to be sentenced to home detention.

Christopher Pyne has accused Labor of “epic hypocrisy”.

Robert Ovadia at Dreamworld - Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate + the guys reflect on the horrific accident - Two Tribes with Pyne & Albo.

Gold Coast will rally after four people were killed in ride accident, says mayor Tom Tate.

David Koch says Port Adelaide's China game will be a first for the western world.

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