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Negative gearing would be limited to newly constructed homes under a plan by the Labor opposition.


A new documentary called Memory Hackers explores the latest research into human memory and how it can be manipulated.

Scientists have discovered how to delete unwanted memories | FIVEaa

The world’s biggest aircraft is as long as a football field, but that's not the feature people are talking about.

People are laughing at the biggest air liner in the world because it looks like a huge butt | FIVEaa

British astronaut Tim Peake has posted a time-lapse video he took from space of a lightning storm over Earth.

An astronaut filmed a lightning storm from space – and it is BEAUTIFUL | FIVEaa

A US man battling Alzheimer’s has appeared in a brutally honest video saying he misses laughing and joking with friends as the disease destroys his memory.

A man made a video about having Alzheimer’s and now it’s going viral | FIVEaa

Air Force Major General James Martin fainted on stage in the middle of a press briefing at the Pentagon.

Chaos at Pentagon briefing as Air Force General faints on stage | FIVEaa

Video shows a shark inside an aquarium in South Africa turning on a diver.

This diver is lucky to be alive after bloody shark attack | FIVEaa


Port Adelaide powerhouse Ollie Wines says staying at the club was “always my plan” after inking a new deal to keep him at the Power until at least the end of 2018.

Jon Ralph has accused Dermott Brereton of talking “rubbish” over the impact on Hawthorn of Jarryd Roughead’s injury.

Dermott Brereton talking “rubbish” over injured Roughead | FIVEaa

Adelaide Crow Eddie Betts has paid a massive compliment to new recruit Wayne Milera.


Wayne Milera, Adelaide Crows | FIVEaa

Andrew Symonds, 40, says he is thinking about coming out of retirement to become T20 gun for hire.

Andrew Symonds considers coming out of retirement | FIVEaa


Thousands have praised this article criticising the flood of phony inspiration | FIVEaa

A Huffington Post article criticising phony inspiration has won the praise of thousands around the world.

A woman has found out she is pregnant from her fitbit

A couple from New York City discovered that they are expecting after seeing unusual data on the wife's Fitbit.

6 surprising signs of heart disease you should never ignore | FIVEaa

A cardiologist has named six common health complaints that can be a sign of heart disease, including snoring, bleeding gums and indigestion.

What the tab on the end of chopsticks is for will blow your mind | FIVEaa

A Twitter user blew minds around the world when she posted a photo of what the tab on chopsticks is really for.