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Treasurer Scott Morrison has blocked the sale of Australia's largest private landholder, S Kidman and Co, to a Chinese company.

Treasurer blocks Kidman sale | FIVEaa

David Penberthy fondly recalls meeting SA seafood king Michael Angelakis.

Penbo recalls “terrific” bloke as insurance company refuses Angelakis payout | FIVEaa

Adelaide Metro have apologised for an outage on the Seaford train line.

Adelaide Metro apologise for train chaos during peak hour | FIVEaa

Locals have taken to Twitter to post images of Adelaide and South Australia blanketed in dust.

SA has been blanketed in dust – photos | FIVEaa

Two Adelaide City Councillors tell Leon Byner that a cheaper rainbow walk was rejected.

Council rejected a cheaper version of $86,000 rainbow walk | FIVEaa

Marise Payne says the $50 billion subs contract is an extraordinary opportunity for Australian industry.

Submarines are a “game changer”, says defence minister | FIVEaa


Ollie Wines says he’s fed up with gossip about problems inside Port Adelaide.

Ollie Wines is fed up with rumours of a Port Adelaide rift | FIVEaa

Port Adelaide have dropped besieged ruckman Matthew Lobbe for their clash with Richmond.

Power drop Lobbe, but hope to see him back soon | FIVEaa

Leigh Matthews can't understand comments made by Mick Malthouse about Alex Rance's suspension.

Leigh Matthews disagrees with Mick Malthouse’s “ludicrous” comments | FIVEaa

Adelaide’s Eddie Betts speaks on FIVEaa about the moments after heart-breaking loss.

Eddie Betts talks about his moment with Rioli after heart-breaking loss | FIVEaa


Jane Reilly is hoping her art masterpiece will go for millions | FIVEaa

Jane Reilly has painted an artwork for the Variety Art Auction.

This is why you need to stop hugging your dog | FIVEaa

A US expert has conducted a study that he says shows people should not hug their dogs.

Study reveals the true effects of smacking kids | FIVEaa

A new analysis of 50 years of research has revealed the consequences of smacking children.

Jessie Spiby on food, Tasting Australia and turning 30! | FIVEaa

Jessie Spilby joins Michael Keelan and Mark Aiston on FIVEaa.