Ian Horne - Australian Hotels Association of SA

Professor Helen Marshall - Whooping Cough Vaccine

Steve Burgess - One Nation Australia

Opposition Leader Steven Marshall joined David and Will in the studio to discuss his plans for dealing with the state’s energy crisis and his views on renewable energy targets.

Mayor of Onkaparinga Lorraine Rosenberg joined David and Will (finally) to discuss why the council thought an almost $7,000 golf membership was a great way to spend taxpayers money on, as well as the $22,000 that was spent to cover it up!

Steven Marshall

Phil Coorey

Lorraine Rosenberg

Autumn this year is shaping up to be warmer and drier than average.

Disturbing footage of a fight on an Adelaide train has been viewed thousands of times.

Coca-Cola admits there was a big Adelaide disadvantage.

Carolyn Smart, Matt Pantelis was LIVE from Coke, Kyam Maher​ and Two Tribes.

Coca-Cola employees had heard rumours of big changes, but were caught off guard on Wednesday.

David Koch has a joke about the difference between him and Sam Armytage.


Nathan Buckley admits he wasn't always the teammate he wanted to be.

Departing manager of the Adelaide 36ers cheerleading team says this could be their last year.


Jess Millward reports Grant Hackett “didn’t look well” after he was arrested.

Jade Robran was caught off guard when magician Paul Dabek joined her on FIVEaa.