Scouts at Lake Bonney pt 1

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Brand New Flotilla of (not very) luxurious marine accommodation to be launched at Lake Bonney this Saturday.
Nearly 200 Scouts and family members from around South Australia will converge on Lake Bonney, at Barmera in SA, this weekend to build 6 giant rafts as part of the inaugural Scouts SA Kon-Tiki Raft Competition.  
Comprising two bedrooms, kitchen and toilet these rafts will accommodate 6 Scouts who will use their initiative and Scout life-skill training to safely survive 24 hours on the waters of lake Bonney. They will have challenges and activities to complete, as if the challenges of cooking, eating and sleeping on a raft aren’t enough.
Scouts, their leaders and parents will work together to construct a raft built of rope, pine poles, clean drums, plywood and other scavenged and sponsored material. They will all be themed Dr Seuss for some added fun.
Scouts SA Chief Commissioner, John Derbyshire said “Scouts are all about fun, action and adventure and taking responsible risks. I applaud the Groups that have accepted this unique challenge and thank our trained leaders and water activity team for providing the considerable amount of safety equipment support and supervision for this quite challenging overnight adventure”
Scout Groups from Flagstaff Hill, Fulham, College Park, Clare Gawler and Barmera are competing in this inaugural challenge.
Background -Origins of the competition
Each year, hundreds of Scouts and Girl Guides converge on Sandvlei (a shallow lake), Cape Town in South Africa to take part in the annual Kon-Tiki Adventure. The competition has been organised by the Cape Western Area Sea Scouts since 1978. Accompanying the teams are hundreds of members who come along to enjoy the great atmosphere of the event and to also assist the teams in the raft building. Their inspiration was the Kon-Tiki raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. See
Some of the Raft Rules
This is a competition to build a giant raft big enough for 6 people to use for a full day.
The raft requires:
1.         Size of the main body is approx 4m by 6m.
2.         Accommodation with: Sleeping area for 4 people - you will need a duty roster with 2 people awake on watch overnight. Boys will need to sleep separate from girls. Separate cooking area, Toilet: The toilet must be constructed in such a way as to offer total privacy to anyone using it and it should have a door that can be secured.
3.         Tender – a 2 person canoe or small rowboat. It will be used to transport the meal to shore for judging, for any emergencies and for a tender race.
4.         Mast with Kon-Tiki mask on the sail and flags (Australian, Group and team)
5.         Team Identification - Two 1m x 1m Raft numbers – Black number on a white background (displayed port and starboard)
6.         Team Safety equipment – PFD for each person, fire extinguisher, torch with fresh batteries, whistle, red flag, mobile phone or radio linked to our network
7.         Sea safety equipment – 2 Anchors, tow rope, navigation lights, punting poles.
Issued on behalf of Scouts SA by Foster Hill PR & Marketing

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