The Sunday Roast - Pub of the week - Round by Round

By: JBurns
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Each Week the Sunday Roast team travel to some of Adelaide's best pub's on a quest, a spiritual journey searching for the answer to life's most important question... Which Pub has the best Schnitzel?


Round 1 - The Lord Melbourne

Check out what the boys had to say about one of North Adelaide's Hidden Treasures. Great Schnitzel and a rasberry and coke for Leithal. Watch Here



Round 2 - The Regency Tavern

A Pub on a Golf Course!! What more could you ask for? Family friendly and they even made a traffic light for our big kid Leith. Watch the Sunday Roast review right here



Round 3 - The Hackney Hotel

It was like a scene from Daddy Day Care at the Hackney with the McDermott and Forrest clans joining the team for a schnitta. Watch all the mayhem unfold here.



Round 4 - The Para Hills Community Club

The Angus Beef Schnitzel and world class pepper sauce make The Para Hills Community Club one of Adelaide's best kept secrets. Watch Tim Ginever get a sweaty top lip



Round 5 - The Broadway Hotel

Down in Chris McDermott's old hunting ground The Broadway is still a regular haunt for blokes from the Bay. Find out why Leith wants this place heritage listed, has something to do with a bucks show and a Glenelg and Carlton Champion.



Round 6 - The Kensi

Just off the Parade in Kensington, The Kensi is one of the Ricciuto Goodwin group of pubs. Bone gets stuck into the Chicken Schnitta and Tim Ginever tries the Aussie Sauce!!



Round 7 - The Strathmore Hotel

The Biggest Challenge of the Schnitzel season. 500g of beef schnitzel. Who steps up and who ends up in the foetal position. Check it out here



Round 8 - The Largs Pier Hotel

Rock'n'Roll History and Ghost stories are just part of the experience down at the Largs Pier Hotel. The Boys try the Angus Beef and one even try's the mexican topping with HOT jalapeno's. Check it Out here





Round 10 - The Lion Hotel

One of Adelaide's iconic venue's The Lion Hotel. The lad's share a bit of Tamra's history and Bone fail's a Breatho... kind of... Watch the action here



Round 11 - Sky City Casino

If you thought the Strath was a challenge wait til you see the 18 inch monster schnitzel presented at the Adelaide Casino. An emotional week for the Sunday Roast with the retirement of Tamra from the Pub of the week crew. See how the team took on the 18 inch challenge here


Round 12 - The Stamford Grand

A ride in an Aston Martin, a chat to the Chef of the King of Bahrain, Chicken Schnitzel with a squeeze of lemon and the lovely April in September all add up to another great Pub of the Week. Bone didn't even get a scratch on the Aston Martin watch here



The Sunday Roast - Pub of the week - Round by Round Photos

  • Miss Nude at the Land of Promise
  • Miss Nude at the Land of Promise



How do you balance that camera on your head Captain Burns while you film hungry animals scoffing schnitzels and stuff your own down at the same time,,lol.

by radiobuff09 (08/08/2010)

Great concept - will try to check out these pubs and see what the hype is all about . you guys should have your own TV show

by fevola (13/08/2010)

How often do you go to the hotels?

by annies (16/09/2010)

Usually once a week but we have the occassional week off so we don't suffer from Schnitzelitis

by JBurns (20/09/2010)

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